Drue Schwartz, Fine Artist


Drue Schwartz is a fine artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Their current practice focuses on restructuring their idea of safety through large scale color pencil drawings and monoprints. Drue Schwartz works as a teaching artist. They currently teach middle school and elementary school students through multiple arts and community organizations within NYC. Drue received their BFA (2019) and MS (2020) in Art and Design Education at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn with a focus on printmaking practices. At Pratt, their thesis project focused on the participatory practice of developing garden based art curriculum. Drue completed Community Word Projects’ Teaching Artist program Fall 2021. During their time within the program they worked on developing a garden based printmaking program for working artists.

TAP Work:

“Drue’s time at TAP introduced them to the difference between full year classroom teaching and teaching artist residencies. TAP provided incite, examples, and clear structure to assist as they complete their first year as a Teaching Artist in Brooklyn. Drue learned about art administration work through Dale Novella Anderson-Lee and Katie Rainey with a focus on program development. They created a garden-based printmaking workshop, with Katie and Dales guidance, for artists based in NYC who want to learn more about monoprint practices. They are currently applying to grants to fund the program hopefully by 2023 with the help of their mentors. Before TAP designing independent programing felt inaccessible and far off, but with the workshops provided and support system Drue is more confident.”

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

“During my time at TAP, my most memorable moment had to be the first salon. It was so amazing to hear and look at such amazing art from my peers. Some pieces sent chills down my spine. I also got to share a bit of a presentation I previously preformed about my three years on testosterone. It was such a vulnerable moment to get to share with the group.”

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