DaShaun Hightower, Visual & Media Artist


DaShaun Hightower is a visual artist and fashion designer who started gaining popularity working in the Chicago fashion scene. Hightower created one of a kind pieces to be worn by some of Chicago’s budding talent. These pieces garnered the attention of important industry voices such as: Afropunk, Italian Vogue, LadyGunn, ID, and OUT. Since then Hightower has worked with recording artists such as: F.U.P.U., Jamila Woods, and MØ to create content bringing viewers into his world of art and fashion.

DaShaun uses graffiti, paint and textiles to tell the story of black narratives familiar and old.

His pieces are viewed through an afrofuturistic lens.The pieces are conversation starters that help the artist express emotions that can’t be put into words.

TAP Work:

“While in TAP my knowledge of teaching and art administration has grown. Via the teaching artist program I am leaving with new skill sets and a new community of artists.”

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

“My most memorable TAP moment would be the affinity groups. The discussion that underwent was meaningful and gave me useful tools to utilize in my teaching style.”

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