CWP Teaching Artist Staff Retreat


CWP Teaching Artists spent two rainy September days at the Secret Theatre in Long Island Theatre for the annual CWP Teaching Artists Staff Retreat! The teaching artists were joined by the Programs Staff for two days of workshops and reflection. 

Day One focused on Social Justice. Some of the questions and topics explored were: what it means to us as educators and human beings, why we are compelled to teach for social justice, artists we use in teaching towards this goal, and how social justice also includes gender and sexuality. The teaching artists explored the topic of soclai justice through music, writing, political cartoons, and workshops.

Day two focused on the weaving of art forms, quality of artisty, and the creative process.


Four teaching artists presented mock lessons based on seamlessly weaving the art forms together in unexpected ways. During a lesson by a Theatre Artist and a Creative Writer, the TA’s created one pages plays based on metahpor driven tableaux.

The TAs created Concrete Poems based on a list of their favporite things in a mock lesson presented by a Visual Artist and Creative Writer. 


It’s going to be a great year with this new crop of talented artists! Stay tuned to see how their residencies unfold.