Crockett Doob, film editor


As a film editor, I worked on the Oscar nominated Beasts of the Southern Wild and the critically-acclaimed Ghostbox Cowboy. As a drummer, I played in the instrumental groups: Big Lazy and Skeletonbreath. My work was recently featured on the “Queens Memory” podcast (Episode 9: Creating) and TGI: the greatest indoor reading series. Now I am a teacher at Brooklyn Free School, working with four to nine-year-olds. I read books to my students almost every day and help them write their own stories. 


TAP Work:

I am a solitary writer, but really, I have much experience as a collaborator–as a musician, a video editor, and as an early childhood educator. Connecting with TAP has helped me realize the potential of collaborating and creating a safe space for people to work. 


Most Memorable TAP Moment:

“Show up as just you, not your resume.” (botched quote from Luopu)


Sample of work/ Recently Published Piece 

Drawing Three Lives Bookstore – Crockett Doob