Bright Spot: Superhero Time!


Community-Word Project Creates Superheroes at the New York Public Library!

CWP spent July and August with the New York Public Libraries creating Superheroes! Over eight weeks in ten libraries across the city, over 100 Superheroes were brought into being by creative 4-12 year olds.


The children learned about Superheroes from cultures across the globe, both real and fictional. They learned about the traits that make up a superhero and the villans that force them into being.


The children created their own unique Superhero character starting with an origin story.


Once the Superhero backstorys were in place, the children moved on to design. Each superhero was created complete with insignia, trading card, and costume.


Once the Superheroes were completed, the children all worked together to create a world in which all their Superheroes lived and worked together.


Community Word Project had a super time partnering with the NYPL this summer! We hope all our young Superheroes have a fantastic school year!