Bright Spot – PS/MS 279 After School


Teaching Artists Chaya Babu and Liza Miller have been working with 7th and 8th graders at PS/MS 279 after school. They have been working hard on finding their authentic voices and identity in their writing.

One student, Debra, obviously has a knack for using her authentic voice. Her poem was inspired by a manga show she likes. She wrote the following poem within a few minutes in class. Everyone was in awe when she read it aloud.

The class has talked about using other art pieces as prompts and jumping off points for writing. Debra did that beautifully here. She is learning Japanese, and she has a passion for manga and anime, and we were happy to see her weave her own interests into the class. 


Ciel my dear little one
you were such a sweet and innocent little boy
but this life has played with you like a toy
you lost your parents in a deadly fire
and now revenge is your only desire
you now have a faithful slave
will he give you the revenge you crave?
will you let your soul burn in the fire of hell?
when your end comes, no one can tell
you live in a hatred that lies within you
what shall you do with your life?
will it continue?