Bright Spot – PS 47 Greek Myth Mimes


In early February, we asked the Domminick/Torres class of PS 47 to create concrete mimes, still images created through their bodies, based on either the storyline or emotional elements of the Greek myth Orpheus and Eurydice. This technique is a great way for the students to pick out elements of text and apply them to movement and storytelling. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity for students to improve their creative thinking and emotional intelligence because it teaches them how translate their interpretation of the story into a physical representation. As a whole class, I am very proud of the leadership, exemplary citizenship, and teamwork that each group exhibited to create such powerful and creative images.

Picture One: Ebraham is Orpheus pleading for with King Pluto for his love Eurydice to be returned to him. He is chained by a wall of dead bodies.

Picture Two: King Pluto surrounded by his minions in the Underworld.

Picture Three: Mr. A helping the students create the ethereal spirits of the underworld.