Bright Spot – PS 17



On June 7, PS 17 had their culminating gallery walk event. They transformed the parent coordinators’ room into a Community Word Project and PS 17 Portraits and Poetry Gallery. There, they displayed all the portraits 5th graders took of their kindergarten reading partners as well as the silhouette collages with their anaphora poems. 


Each period, a group of 5th graders and kindergarteners came to view the work. The 5th graders were instructed to read to their kindergartner (the poem was based on their words, after all!). Just like the interview and photography days, the 5th graders were so tender and careful with the little ones. 

The work looked beautiful and all the school administration and Classroom Teachers were thrilled! Principal Heyward brought several people to see the projects including City Council member Costa Constantinides, who has always been a great supporter of the school and Community-Word Project. Everyone is very proud of the final product and the wonderful mentorship program at PS 17!