Anthology Highlights!


This year, Community-Word Project assisted students in writing, editing and publishing their original work in twenty-one anthologies. Many of our corporate sponsors assisted the students with prepping their work for publication, including BlackRock, Time Warner, HBO, Linklaters, Moody’s, Investors Bank, Goldman Sachs (Community Team Works Initiative) and Neuberger Berman, and all of our anthologies were sponsored by our amazing partners at Linklaters! 

Linklaters has been sponsoring CWP’s anthologies for 8 years now. Along with these beautiful anthologies, Linklaters also hosts annual Publishing Parties at two of our schools and this year was no exception.

Linklaters hosted two parties this year, one at PS 132 Juan Pablo Duarte in Washington Heights and the other at PS 279 Captain Manual Rivera, Jr. in the Bronx.

On Thursday, May 26th, volunteers from Linklaters came to PS 132 to visit our 2nd and 3rd graders. They brought treats, both in book and cookie form! The volunteers bought each student a copy of Cool Salsa: Bilingual Poems on Growing Up Latino in the United States. The students were thrilled to both receive these amazing gifts and share some of their original work from their anthology, Poetry and the Campfire.

“How the World Was Saved” by Elijah De la Cruz

Far, far away in space
With walls made of gold,
We unleash the crate for teleportation!
We leave a purple marking where we used to be
And when we teleport
There’s a hole in the air.74 
A monster peeks out.
Ugly. Huge. A demon. A hollow.

On Tuesday, June 21st, Linklaters volunteers traveled up to the Bronx to visit our 3rd graders at PS 279. Each student received a copy of The BFG, along with some yummy snacks!

The students also received copies of their anthology, In the Bronx, the Mighty Bronx, PS 279 Writes Tonight,

“Fill the World with Love” by Dioneuri Baez

Crushed cans clank on the floor
as if they were popping dirty air bubbles
Welcome to New York City
The litter- trash and cigarettes
Smells like rotten eggs under the moonlight
Is this what makes the world a negative place? 

We want clean fresh roses in the air
So crushed cans go in the garbage
Sweeping swiftly makes us feels like
free birds chirping in the sky with joy 

Thank you Linklaters and to all of our corporate partners for all the work you do!