AnJu Hyppolite, Theatre Artist


AnJu Hyppolite is a Brooklyn-born, Queens-bred Haitian poet, award-winning actor, author, advocate, arts collaborator, and theater maker. She works at the intersection of theater arts, literacy advocacy, and social equity. AnJu knows that lack of access is what keeps communities marginalized. Her community work of advocating for food justice, and tutoring and mentoring incarcerated and adjudicated teenagers is aimed at disrupting this marginalization. She will continue to work through an equitable lens when collaborating with other artists, teachers, and students. Ms. Hyppolite’s newest creative exploration is the intersection of one’s multiplicities juxtaposed to the whole being. AnJu is also the Chief Editorial Consultant at The Write Gift, an editorial consultancy that provides writing and copy editing services to its clients.

TAP Work:

AnJu has been co-facilitating with Liz Olear under the aegis of Katie Rainey at The Young Women’s Leadership School (TYWLS) in Jamaica, Queens. AnJu’s creative media are theater/performance and writing. Through her pedagogical inquiry, the 9th graders at TWYLS explored the use of their bodies as creative tools.

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

“My most memorable TAP Moment was the sharing back that culminated the Teaching for Social Justice workshop at DreamYard Project. It was wonderful to see how creative the participants were in using their art disciplines to share back (e.g. There was a tap dance performance, an original song was shared, and original poetry was spoken).”

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