Alex Becker, Theater Artist


Alex is an NYC-based performing artist and writer with roots in Nashville, New York, and New Orleans. After having grown up immersed in the arts, Alex spent her early twenties invested in learning about the world, always seeking creative outlets to combine her love for music, film, dance and theater with her interest in social justice and community-based work. She received her degree in anthropology and moved to New Orleans where she spent an amazing four years working in education nonprofits, start-ups, and arts organizations whilst swing dancing, eating lots of oysters, biking under the oak trees, and mothering a family of backyard hens. As an actor and theater-maker, Alex has trained with the O’Neill, The Atlantic, Pig Iron, SITI Company and LaMaMa, among others. In 2018, she joined The Bats, an Obie-Award winning resident acting company at The Flea Theater and became a Teaching Artist with Ping Chong + Company where she directs middle schoolers in developing their personal narratives and turning them into theatrical performances. Alex is passionate about the arts as a vehicle for self-empowerment and social change and is interested in telling stories that inspire us to engage with ourselves and the world critically and joyously.

TAP Work:

Through TAP, Alex has learned so much about the world of Teaching Artistry and is overwhelmingly inspired by New York City’s community of artists, performers, creators, activists, writers and teachers who she’s met through this program. Alex has assisted in two residencies at P.S.171Q and P.S.17Q, both focused on theater, art, and creative storytelling. Alex has fine-tuned her skills and her philosophy as a teaching artist through incredible workshops and professional development opportunities with Marquis Studios, Opening Act, Lifetime Arts, City Lore, Flamenco Vivo, and Community-Word Project. She has already begun incorporating into her own residencies the strategies she’s learned around lesson planning and design, classroom engagement, and teaching for social justice.

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

“My favorite TAP moment was the AHA! moment that came working with my co-teaching artist, Kemara Night, minutes before teaching our lesson to the class. It was a reminder of the magic that can happen when we collaborate!”

“My hope is to empower my students through the arts so that they feel challenged, excited and curious about the world, not just as it is, but as it could be.”

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