Jashua Sa-Ra

Jashua Sa-Ra has been a musician for over 20 years, an award-winning performance poet for over 10 years, and an actor for 7 years. As an active artist in his community, he has produced and/or hosted several critically acclaimed performance events, including seven open mic venues, a jazz and poetry showcase, a hip hop showcase, a slam, and a variety of special events. Currently Jashua is the Creative Director and host of Saturday Mass Mic, the most well-attended open mic in Brooklyn, NY. He also produces and hosts two events, a weekly performance venue called The Sun Set, and a quarterly freestyle competition, The Core. Jashua has been creating and implementing arts-infusion curricula for over a decade. For the past four years he has been the Artistic Coordinator for the annual Artiso Residency at the world-class theater, the Kravis Center for Performing Arts in West Palm Beach, FL. He works with schools and varied childcare programs through non-profit organizations and his own endeavors. His workshops include percussion, creative writing, stage performance, hip hop, a poetry café, event hosting, and holistic health. Jashua’s work with Community-Word Project has stimulated a shift in his consideration of what depths can be approached artistically in the classroom. The collaborative nature of the entire CWP model has completely expanded the possibilities for his creativity. It creates a space where students, teachers, and artists feel integral and important to the process. The results have elevated his expectations and expanded his ability to achieve them. Jashua’s work outside of stages and classrooms remains artistically inclined. As a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Holistic Health Consultant, Jashua has been involved in healing work for over ten years, which influences his work as an artist and educator. He is the Events Director for Black Gotham Experience, which produces print and digital media as well as culturally immersive tours. Jashua is also the Program Director for Jali Artist Management. He has integrated his many aptitudes, and refers to himself as a communications artist, to embody the purpose of all his work.

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