Headshot of Theresa D'Andrea

Theresa D’Andrea

Theresa D’Andrea is a Senior Accessibility Consultant with Steven Winter Associates, working with stakeholders in the building industry to ensure that the built environment is accessible and usable for people with disabilities. She has a passion for Inclusive Design and is striving to help designers create spaces that support the physical and mental wellbeing of the occupants they serve.

Theresa has a B.S. in Architecture from The State University of New York at Buffalo and a M.A. in Humanities from New York University, where she focused her studies on urban studies and environmental psychology.

Working in the building industry has taught her the importance of creativity and problem-solving, and she has always found art, music, and writing to be a lens through which she views herself and the world around her. She sees being a part of the Community Word Project Associate Board as a way to help carry the benefits she experienced from arts education forward to the next generation of designers, thinkers, and makers.

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