Headshot of Satinder Bawa

Satinder Bawa

Born and raised in Jersey City as a first generation South Asian American, Satinder Kaur Bawa grew up immersed in the arts, learning calligraphy, how to sew, draw and cook. Art education has always been important to her, owing it to that time in 3rd grade when Satinder signed up for Saturday art school programs. Naturally, she participated in the class that taught students how to make paper tissue flowers. That summer, there were a whole lot of paper tissue flowers in the works. She went on to obtain a degree in Journalism & Media Studies with a minor in Art History from Rutgers University.

Satinder joined CWP’s Associate Board in 2020, as a Marketing & Communications team member.

Today, Satinder is a post producer at Bobbi Brown. She also previously held similar roles at Coach and Tiffany & Co. Outside of work hours, she runs a calligraphy business (working on commissions and volunteering design services to organizations that are making a difference in the world), and also teaching her foster failed (successful) dachshund-pitbull mix how to skateboard.

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