Heeadshot of Ginger Gower

Ginger Gower

Ginger is a dedicated supporter of the arts. She has spent her career working in film and television. She began working in the locations department on The Punisher and then moved to New York City where she worked on Law & Order: SVU and Rescue Me. After her work on set, she transitioned into theatrical distribution for The Weinstein Company where she worked for over thirteen years focused on the mission of bringing artistic, award winning, and culturally pivotal films to every audience. Ginger recently served as Senior Director, Administration at Brigade Marketing continuing her focus on ensuring that important films are seen and appreciated.

Ginger spent a decade volunteering for and supporting Variety the Children’s Charity of New York in its efforts to promote grassroots arts programming across all five boroughs. It was during this time that she first connected with Community-Word Project. After engaging with Michelle Kotler and Craig Hayes at multiple events she knew that this was an incredibly worthwhile organization that deserved every effort to support its mission. Ginger is also a member of The New York Junior League whose efforts support the women and children of New York City.  She is excited to continue the great work of CWP!

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