Woman smiling into camera against brick building

Andreina Lamas

Andreina Lamas is a recent graduate from New York University School of Law and the NYU Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. She currently works at Linklaters LLP as a law clerk (pending her admission to the NY State Bar). She is originally from Caracas, Venezuela, and has lived across five countries since she was a young girl, fueling her interest for international affairs and multicultural communities.

Since childhood, Andreina has been fascinated by creative pursuits, specifically reading and writing stories. Her international and multilingual upbringing allowed her to discover the importance of storytelling across various cultures, and she is particularly fond of Latin American magical realism literature. She is passionate about the way different communities use the arts to understand not just where we are and what the world is like, but who we have the potential to be. She knows that every person is a story, and every story deserves a chance to be told.

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