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Alyssa Kearns

Alyssa Kearns is an eager writer, eclectic creator, literary enthusiast, and ardent traveler.

Originally from the Bay Area where she was surrounded by museums, artists, and food, she found her love for it all.

Alyssa earned her Bachelor of Arts in Finance and Entrepreneurship from the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington in Seattle. She continued to foster her passion for the arts throughout college while mentoring high school students through the business schools’ programs. These two activities quickly fostered an interest and passion in art youth programs.

After college, Alyssa fulfilled her dreams and moved to the Big City ready to help others fulfill their dreams. Alyssa joined the Associates Board to continue her involvement in mentoring students and being surrounded by art and artists. As a writer herself, she is keen on how writing, or creating of any sort, can allow students to release and express themselves in newfound ways.

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