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Frank Moran, Theatre Artist

Frank Moran was born and raised in NY and has been a professional actor for over 30 years. He’s worked extensively in theatre/film and TV. Some Film and TV credits include Disney’s Step Up 3D, NBC-TV’s Law & Order, The Guru and One Life to live. His theatre credits include comic roles like Groucho Marx in The Coconuts on Broadway along with a number of dramatic and musical roles as well. Frank also has been a teacher and an acting coach for over 12 years as well as directed many stage productions. His training as a teaching artist was with (TATIP) the Community Word Project training program. He now has a great job at Wingspan Arts, which he got by being a student of the Community Word Project. Frank also holds a BA degree in Theatre Arts from Queens College.


Frank has been working at PS 279 in the Bronx with CWP Teaching Artists Bianca Garcia and Scott Lilly, as well as at Children of Promise in Brooklyn and at various Wingspan Arts residencies.

“I have been a teacher and an acting coach for over 12 years and an actor and director for over 30 years. After taking the Community Word Project training program (TATIP) my teaching skills improved enormously. I’m much more focused and confidant when I teach and now I have a lesson plan format that’s clear and precise.”

“CWP cares about the young people in our community and what they have to express. I have a passion for bringing change to the world and just like CWP I believe it starts with the young. I’ve also made some amazing connections through CWP especially Wingspan Arts where I have a great job that I love. I get to teach the students, continue my training and get paid for it. I’ve made a point of doing what’s asked of me in the program and it’s paid off big time. I continue to meet great people through the relationships I’ve developed since starting with CWP. I can also call on CWP at anytime for advice or a reference and they always help me with what ever I need. Thanks CWP for getting me started on my new career as a Teaching Artist!”

Find out more about Frank here:

 Here you can find his teaching resume along with his acting resume/headshot and video reel.

Check out Frank’s Lesson Plan he presented with his TATIP partners, Amanda LaPergola and Ally Tufenkjian.

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