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Kim Baglieri, Visual & Mixed Media Artist

Kim Baglieri is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker, painter and animator whose work investigates collective and personal mythologies. She juxtaposes fragments of video- personally shot, hand-drawn-animated, and gathered online in order to investigate how we blur, embody and retell our memories and stories, turning them into myth. Inspired by her mixed-race queer identity, she looks at ideas of translation, trauma and generational transformation and loss. 

Kim is also an educator who teaches undergrads at Hunter College and NYC public high-schoolers at the Green School Academy for Environmental Careers through South of the Navy Yard Artists. She is being trained by Patti Chilsen and Renee Watson through Community Word Project’s TATIP. Kim encourages students of all ages to use art and media to investigate and transform one’s self and society. Social-justice oriented, she also leads community art workshops with Filipino domestic workers. Her projects have helped support Damayan Migrant Workers Association’s Baklas (Break Free) Anti-Trafficking campaign and Damayan’s involvement in the People’s Climate March. Kim is currently pursuing an MFA at Hunter College’s Integrated Media Arts Program. She is also a certified Reiki practitioner and a certified animal lover!


“In the TATIP program, I’ve had the honor to be mentored by Teaching Artists Katie Issel Pitre and Max Allbee, interning in a 2nd grade IEP classroom at P.S. 316 in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, together with Dan Paul Roberts, fellow TATIPer and partner-in-crime.  I’ve been moved by beautiful moments of students’ growth in the classroom. I’ve improved my classroom management skills, engaged students and taught to multiple intelligences.  With Dan Paul, I implemented a lesson plan, and even wore pointy elf-shoes. This brings me to my most memorable moment in TATIP: during our lesson, complete with elf-shoes, elf-dancing, slithering dragon movements and all, a few of the students seen as trouble-makers by classroom teachers were so consumed in their story development and drawings, faces studying their papers, tongues sticking out to the side- that a good 15 minutes passed with such unusual quiet that I forgot momentarily where I was!” 

“This program has blessed me and fellow TATIPers, with the simply magnificent Patti Chilsen, Renee Watson, and Katie Rainey, who have all been patient, thorough, inspirational, committed and deeply moving in their guidance.  These women are so rooted to justice and transformation for all youth that it shines through them in all they do! I have met such wonderful human beings in this program, and have been profoundly reenergized by everyone’s commitment to their artistry and their students! What an honor to be part of this community!”

Find out more about Kim here:

Kim Baglieri website of visual and video work: http://kimbaglieri.com

Kim’s Blog

Kim Baglieri Teaching page on SONYA blog (with student’s early work) 

Check out Kim’s Lesson Plan she presented with her TATIP partner, Dan Paul Roberts. 

Sample Artwork: 

The Empty Book (work-in-progress, 2014)
A personal, experimental documentary exploring memory and old age https://vimeo.com/106627883
Total run time: 11:37

Production Still, “The Empty Book” Starring Pilar Calleja, Leah Obias and Kim Baglieri, Music by The Rachels, 2015

A Comment on Twilight in the Northern States (2014)
An experimental, reflective piece exploring nature and joy
Total run time: 5:48

Tacloban 1 (2015)
An experimental sound piece with images https://vimeo.com/120864390 
Total run time: 7:10

Production Still “Tacloban 1” 2015

The What-If and the Never-Was (co-directed with Shannon Sonenstein, 2014)
A personal documentary on youth and relationships https://vimeo.com/88384162 Password: Thewhatif
Total run time: 10:35



“Leah” Acrylic and Charcoal on canvas, 8′ x 8′ 2013

A series of painting of Filipino women, all are larger than 8’x9’ http://kimbaglieri.com/paintings/2013-2015


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