TATIP Anthology


Vivian Ara Regueros, Visual Artist

Vivian Ara Regueros is a visual artist from Bogotá, Colombia living in New York City. Looking at leaflets while awaiting a poetry reading to begin in Brooklyn, she had the good fortune of finding TATIP’s Summer Institute 6.0 information. The want to return to teaching had been steady on her mind, so it seemed quite an omen to encounter the possibility of fulfilling her dream, then and there.

Vivian attended Summer Institute 2016 at Sarah Lawrence College with Patti Chilsen and Renée Watson and it was inspirational from the moment she entered the premises: graffiti charts on the walls, Tibetan Bowls, books, graphic novels, videos, movement, im promptu theater sketches, group poems, focusing rituals, were signs that the next three days would be a most enlightening journey. Their impeccable co-teaching manner, the almost symbiotic way in which time and energy was distributed, was extraordinary; their ability to structure the subjects, to scafold such amounts of  knowledge, and communicate it in a joyous, fresh, and sharp yet candid manner, created a fraternal environment of growth, inspiration  and expansion. Months later, Vivan applied to be part of the TATIP 2016-17 session.

Vivian is beyond grateful, she is blessed. She is sure any aspiring artist that has a desire to teach, to learn what teaching truly is, learn of the impact teaching through the arts while integrating concepts of social justice can have in a childs’ life, could not find a better place either to start or continue such pursuit. Observing teachers such as Patti, Renee, Karla, Heidi or Scott in action, is like watching the blooming of a rose in slow motion. There – where apparently nothing, but an idea – a grain of sand – exists, pyramids appear: structures, open spaces, secret coves, all full of sense and purpose, Soulful. Full of Soul was also the student body of interesting, dynamic and creative individuals Vivian shared the semester with; beautiful people that brought their full selves to this equation of learning together. In her internship, teaching artists Felipe Galindo and Phyllis Capello at PS84 in Brooklyn, were a great source of inspiration, watching them interact in tandem with the children made Vivian appreciate the balance and beauty of their lessons, and the depth of their experience.

Most memorable TATIP moment:

“There are many cherished moments that I remember during this TATIP semester, yet one in particular will remain forever in my memory: being at Langston Hughes’ home. To have had access to the private quarters of an artist such as Master Hughes, being in that space, within that magnificent architecture, admiring the sinuous wooden staircase, his talismanic typewriter above the mantel, the regal mirrors and the festive light that flooded the house that day, was moving. Here we were, from all walks of life, conveying at the Masters home, with the purpose of honing the skill to communicate love and beauty and justice; here, witnesses to Life’s  syncronicities, traveling on Langstons’ mighty rivers, attesting to the marriage of space and time and intent. TATIP is without doubt a space of growth, grit and grace. It is purpose-full and unflinching in its resolve to co-create better communities, a better world.”

“TATIP, as in the West African story, also has its masterful Anansi, the spider whom thread by thread, draws the world together, in balance, cogency and beauty: Ms. Katie Rainey is a most rare breed of mathematical precison and passionate enticer, a master organizer and teacher, a multi-tasker that allows the program to run, defying gravity.”

“Thank you TATIP, your generosity  and beauty are unparalleled: May we, who continue in this journey, make always the most of your precious, valuable teachings.”

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