Isaiah Ito Gabriel Johnson, visual artist and multimedia


TAP Work:

With this program, I have sharpened my mission statement and my purpose and goal towards creating better communication links through our art, suffering, pain, and overall life experiences. Currently, as a museum educator at the Lewis Latimer House Museum, I’m constantly questioning and reinventing new techniques to generate great learning experiences between students, other artists, and anyone willing to learn or discuss and having this platform, as well as community within TAP, with other artists, its allowed me to shape and redirect my work for the better of humanity and our race towards individuation. I have co-facilitated an Art Salon with my fellow TAP member and learned so much more about art and why we make it and those experiences, feelings, and life circumstances that put us in the way of inevitable change. I have solidified my school of artistic thought regarding the “cosmic race ” or the “cosmic identity,” which looks to juxtapose and repurpose our suffering, pain, and life into sharable, relatable experiences using technology and art as that catalyst.


I look forward to facilitating more salons and curating more events where I can spread my ideas about the cosmic identity and art, generate discussion, and reignite the flames within someone dying to be heard. 


Most Memorable TAP Moment:

I co-facilitated a salon with TAP, and it was a fantastic experience being able to speak and hold space for my fellow artists and inspire discussion. I loved learning more about my fellow artists and having conversations about what inspires us and what drives us to create what we create and why. This was important because we have so many different experiences, and it was exhilarating to learn how those varying things connect us all to the same human experience. 


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Sample of work/ Recently Published Piece 

cosmica – Isaiah Gabriel Johnson


Anything additional you might want like an inspiring quote or picture

The path to individuation is one stuck between logic and obligation. 


This experience changed my life. Not only do I perceive my self differently but now I can proudly say I’m not only an artist, but one that teaches and leads to a path of further questioning. I will be forever grateful, and recycle the same love and passion, and hope that TAP has given me, and share that with my students. Thank you.