Bright Spot – PS 316


Students at PS 316 composed a poem about an animal that embodied the qualities of a Peaceful Warrior (such as grace, generosity, patience, etc.). Nadia chose as her animal – a beaver – and gave him the ability to make seat sacks (the sacks that rest on the back of classroom seats). 

The following lesson involved revising their poems to include more descriptive language. Nadia went on to create a story that used narrative and descriptive language about her beaver character. Nadia reflected on her community and the change she would like to see in it. She then visualized an animal guide and created a narrative about it.

Her next step was to continue revising her story and then create a comic based on her narrative. Nadia has totally embraced the assignment and is ready to independently create a fully realized story reflecting the positive change she would like to see in her community!