Aida Sulova, cultural worker


Aida is an artist, curator, and cultural worker from Kyrgyzstan, currently living and working in the U.S. Graduate of New York University, where she studied Digital Communications and Media. As a cultural agent, Aida promotes the engagement of the arts in learning institutions. As a curator, she is interested in decolonizing cultural representation of Central Asia in the world. Her mission is to make art education accessible and promote the engagement in the arts in learning communities. 


TAP Work:

I joined TAP because I wanted to learn more about being a teaching artist in the US. Previously, I taught in Central Asia. 


Most Memorable TAP Moment:

I liked how participants shared their resources. A member from my care team shared a link to the platform for blind people in the US. I forwarded to my friend who has just moved to the US and who is losing her eyesight. That helped her guidance on how to adapt her life of a person with disability in the new country. 


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Sample of work/ Recently Published Piece 

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Teaching is sharing, not imposing.