Raquel Feurtado has always had an extraordinary passion for the arts, which began at a tender age when her elementary school arts teacher graciously showed off her work in a gallery on Long Island. This celebrated talent developed into an academic appreciation of arts education, and extended to where she was able to explore its creative functions in her personal life. Before joining Community-Word Project, she was at the United Federation of Teachers for several years, managing and supervising a team of district representatives dedicated to aiding in the success of Brooklyn's public school students. During this time, she was able to acquire a behind-the-scenes view of just how critical it is that students receive all the tools necessary for gaining an education that fosters creativity and challenges artistic thought. After solidifying a career in the non-profit sector through several different channels, Raquel has become dedicated to the philosophy that arts-in-education programs continue to thrive, and operate as necessary installations within our NYC public school curriculum. She is excited to continue her journey in sharing this belief with CWP, and looks forward to enhancing the role of the arts in our public schools with an organization that shares the same visions that she embodies. She comes from a family of teachers, educators and artists who have encouraged her own commitments to the arts as an educational and creative resource. Raquel is a writer by craft, and has free-lanced for various urban magazines and blog sites all throughout the tri-state area. She currently lives in one of NYC's growing artistic hubs - Bushwick, Brooklyn; and has the love of a pup named Gracie.


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