Karla Robinson

Karla Robinson


Karla Robinson, a TAP alum and former Community-Word Project Teaching Artist. A Bronx native, Karla believes deeply in arts' ability to transform culture and community and uses the art of poetry to support young people caught at the intersection of multiple state institutions. She is the Poet-in-Residence at Bronx Academy of Letters as well as a Partnership Faculty at Sadie Nash Leadership Project. Her most recent artistic endeavor, Anxiously Awaiting Your Return: A Love Letter Altar Dedicated to Children Detained Across Bridges and Boroughs, is an immersive participatory public altar in honor of children currently and previously incarcerated. Before working with Community-Word Project, she was the Director of Arts & Youth Development with Voices UnBroken. As an arts educator with a Special Education Teaching Credential, she brings 15 years of direct service, professional development and administrative experience in juvenile justice, community and school-based settings with people of all ages.  As an Innovative Cultural Advocacy Fellow with the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute she is dedicated to ensuring cultural equity for people of the Diaspora across New York City. A line from her poem, High Tide, summarizes her poetic and teaching philosophy:

“… if we do not tell our own stories in our own voices, others will tell them for us; they’ll paint us the wrong color and call us out our name."


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