Heidi  Miller

Heidi Miller


Heidi Miller is an arts educator, choreographer and movement director. At Lincoln Center Institute, first as a dance teaching artist, Heidi taught extensively Pre-K through Higher Education and was involved in many special projects, including serving on the NYC Department of Education Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts, Dance Facilitation Team. In her subsequent position at Lincoln Center Institute as Program Manager of Teaching Artists and Strategic Alliances, Heidi served as the Institute’s field representative, responsible for the training and professional development of the Institute’s teaching artists. As well, she co-developed content, trained facilitators and herself served as Lead Facilitator for the Institute’s Consultancies and Educator Workshops, both nationally and internationally. Audiences for these workshops included, teaching artists, educators, school administrators and heads of museums and performing arts organizations. Heidi has taught dance technique extensively and held several faculty positions.

Heidi earned a BFA in Dance from The Boston Conservatory, and an MFA in Dance from the University of Hawaii. Her ongoing creative work reflects her interest in movement for theater and collaboration. She enjoys working alongside directors and actors creating movement that becomes part of the fabric of a play driving forward character, narrative, transition, affect and subtext.


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