Bethany Parker ( is Community-Word Project’s Managing Director of Development. She brings over 8 years of development and fundraising experience, with an extensive background in relationship management, event execution and corporate giving. When it is done right, she believes that fundraising is a powerful expression of hope for the future. Bethany is a self-proclaimed New Yorker, who was adopted by the city when she moved here to attend Sarah Lawrence College, where she received her B.A. in International Development. Her work for social justice includes working as an advocate for survivors of Sex Trafficking, supporting work-force development programs to empower and employee underserved women in NYC, and most recently working at Year Up, Inc. to help equip the next generation of talent for the next generation of jobs. Bethany brings high-level energy to her work and hobbies which includes playing basketball, creative writing, and chasing her 1 year old around all day. 

Bethany joined the team at Community Word-Project because she believes in the transformative power of writing. She’s witnessed first hand how the ebb and flow of language can light a match inside of a young person. How it can inspire change.Through her own life experience she knows how the arts play an integral role in helping a young person find their voice, and their place in this world. Her job now is to make sure that everyone is listening. 

Bethany is a member of Women in Development, and you can connect with her on LinkedIn here. (insert link:


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