Andre Ignacio Dimapilis

Andre Ignacio Dimapilis


Andre Ignacio Dimapilis is a Filipinx-American culture-bearing performing (and community-based) artist, peaceful warrior and educator. My art-making in theatre, music, movement, text, and rituals are in harmony with the truths that I live as Filipinx-American, a male POC living in the current times working towards social and racial justice. I have been a member of the Philippine Indigenous Cultural Dance troupe, Kinding Sindaw (KS), since 2014. KS has taught me the power of reclaiming, asserting, and preserving my ancestral traditions and practices within my art-making and daily life. I have created performance art focused on representing that Filipinx-American experience and its vast diaspora. I have directed full Filipinx productions in Tagalogue Volume 3: Within Us, A tribute to Our Ancestors (2013), Nanay, Tatay, Anak (2013), Undressing the Fragments (2014), and Filipinx and Fil-Ams Unite! (2016). I share spirit and spread love through the Yidaki (didgeridoo) being intentional about sharing the Yidaki’s cultural origins of the Aboriginal people.  I am transparent about the use the Yidaki for meditation and its purpose for setting intentions. I am a graduate of the MA in Applied Theatre program at CUNY - School of Professional Studies.


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