Adriana Guzmán

Adriana Guzmán


As a first-generation American and Queens native, Adriana Guzmán was born into a diverse world; for her, a walk around the neighborhood was equivalent to a trip around the globe. This foundation of multiculturalism instilled a spirit of global citizenship at a very young age, which has carried through in her work as an Artist and Educator. Adriana received her BFA in Graphic Design and Art Education from Pratt Institute, and an MFA in Intercultural Service, Leadership and Management from The School of International Training. She has honed her artistic and training skills in a variety of roles: A Teaching Artist and Arts Coordinator in N.Y.C. focusing on multicultural learning with POC, a social justice Visual Artist in indigenous communities of Guatemala, a Creative Arts and Mural Instructor with youth in The Dominican Republic, a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco with women artisans, a facilitator of movement workshops addressing conflict transformation with children in N.Y.C. and a Creative Training Consultant with local environmental conservationists in Belize. She also co-developed training on arts-based healing for social action practitioners and is an advocate for the arts as therapy. Over time, she has identified her passion for fostering other’s creativity, by guiding them towards working collectively while still making individual contributions. Now back in New York, she is redefining her contributions, re-rooting and branching out, recently graduating from the Arts Activism Academy, volunteering for the Ecological City Project and pursuing children’s book writing and illustration primarily portraying children of color from around the world.


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