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Katie Rainey

Katie Rainey, STAFF

Dale Novella Anderson, Singer, Writer, Songwriter, Media Artist

Born a native of Washington, DC, and reared in Dorchester, SC, Dale Novella Anderson began writing songs at the young, impressionable age of 7 and soon began exploring the world of poetry.  As she grew older, she continued to write through her experiences while pursuing a degree in Media Arts at the University of South Carolina. After graduating in 2008, Dale worked in radio production at South Carolina Educational Television and Radio, the award winning public radio network of South Carolina, but continued writing and producing music in her spare time. Dale eventually relocated to New York City to continue her career as Media Artist and Songwriter. She also produces events in the NYC area through her production company The REC.


Dale has been interning at The Young Women's Leadership School in Jamaica, Queens with CWP Mentor Teaching Artist Katie Rainey

"Through the TATIP program, I have not only found artistic collaborators and expanded my media skills, but have also developed key strategies for a fruitful career in arts education."  

Most Memorable TATIP Moment

"My favorite moments with TATIP were the community service hours. Though I loved the whole program, I loved being able to see several veteran TAs interacting with their students. It gave me an idea of where I will be."

Find out more about Dale here:

Sound Cloud

Check out Dale's Lesson Plan she presented with her partner Gary Devirgilio

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