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Katie Rainey

Katie Rainey, STAFF

Jiji Kikhia, Visual Artist

Jiji Kikhia studied International and Comparative Politics with a concentration in Human Rights, Development, and International Law at the American University of Paris. Currently, she obtained her masters in The Arts and Social Change at Gallatin with a focus on social work and the healing arts. She mainly paints and draws with acrylic, oil, ink, and charcoal, but is also experimenting with body painting and incorporating body movement in her work. Jiji is committed to discovering and nurturing the different ways in which humanitarian aid and the healing arts merge, and how the creative process can be a vehicle for freedom and empowerment.


Jiji assisted CWP Teaching Artists Jashua Sa-Ra and Adia Whitaker at PS676 in Brooklyn. The class is a combination of poetry and dance, where the children learned a unique combination of folkloric dances inspired from African, South American, and West Indian cultures. The children also refined their leadership and community building skills by creating socially conscious superheroes and writing poetry about them. 

Most Memorable TATIP Moment

"TATIP is an excellent and resourceful training program. It is worth every minute both professionally and personally. It dramatically widens career opportunities."

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