Bright Spot - PS 220



PS 220 had their final event on 3/16/17. They culminated with awesome student readings, a video presentation, a gallery walk featuring the work of students from all classes, and an artist's talk with Anna Villa, the guest artist for the day.


The teaching artists, Javan Howard and Alex Velozo, and the students got a chance to reflect on their residency with the videos as they captured the process of the self-portrait. They also got a further glimpse into the classroom as the videos captured different moments from Valentina's, the TATIP trainee, Lesson, from the Six-Word Memoirs from 391/591, and the community poems from each class.


Jay and Alex's teaching path talked about the way we leave our marks in the world both physically and metaphorically. Their students expanded on that concepts through their writings and visual arts projects. They wanted to capture their voice in a way that would last.

The video projects are just another way we get to see our voice and impact transcend across the world. The students were proud and excited to share their work through the video projects. 


The students were proud and excited to share their work through the video projects, live readings, and the following gallery walk.




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