Book Party: Neuberger Berman + C.S. 111

Katie Rainey

Katie Rainey, STAFF

At C.S. 111, Kindergarten, 3rd, and 4th grade students have developed critical and creative thinking skills as they explored their personal and collective voices through theatre, music and creative writing activities with CWP Teaching Artists Deanna Green and Taylor Valentine. They created community-written and individual poems, songs, and movement pieces drawing inspiration from their own diverse lives, cultures, families and communities. 

On May 4th, 2018, volunteers from Neuberger Berman wrapped books they had purchased for the students and transported them to the school for a fun filled day of reading, learning, laughing, and art.

This initiative enhances the student experience, particularly in the areas of social-emotional learning and literacy. For some students, this is the first time they have received a new book, so it means a lot to them.

But this special day didn't just impact the kids! The Neuberger Berman volunteers were able to engage with their colleagues outside of professional situations and see another side of each other, allowing them to appreciate their individual passions. The Teaching Artists were aware of the volunteers and asked them to add a fun fact to their introductions, which was great. It helped the students identify with the volunteers and see them as friends.

Additionally, seeing outside people invest in a school that is out of the way was very powerful because the volunteers gave the ultimate unrenewable resource - their time. Further the fact that they had a robust group of volunteers helped the administrators see how much confidence CWP can generate in its programming.

It was an awesome day full of joy and we are so grateful for the support from Neuberger Berman. 




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